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Thrift Package = $205


24 hours of Continuing Education Credits



Conditions of Offer:


· Licensed Florida Surveyors and Mappers only.


· The answer sheet provided must be completed for all 5 courses before returning for grading.


· Package is only available as PDF file download (approx. 14 mb)  (For Mailed Course Material Add $50)


Courses in Package

#7586—Geodesy for the Layman  (12 Hr.)

#7587—Geodetic Reference Datums and Local Coordinate Systems  (5 Hr.)

#7588—Development and Implementation of NAVD 88 HS  (2 Hr.)

#7589—Corpscon Coordinate Conversion HS  (3 Hr.)

#7592—GPS RTK Topographic Procedures  (2 Hr.)